Who Is Che Guevara? A Sketch of the Philosophy of an Iconic Revolutionary

Originally posted on Hectic Dialectics:

“Che Guevara” is a name that pairs with revolution as well as Marlon Brando does with acting. In the Western world, he is almost exclusively known from his legendary photograph Guerrillero Heroico taken by Alberto Korda in 1960 and then processed and commodified into an equally famous T-shirt. This commodification and simplification of Che’s revolutionary résumé also has the effect in capitalist societies of ignoring Che’s subversive beliefs as a full Marxist, socialist, and communist. Almost chiefly from a letter he wrote in 1965, the goal of this blog post then is to sketch out Che’s unique philosophical and Marxist critiques of capitalism and make them more visibly known by summarizing and perhaps even applying them. Before doing so however, it would be appropriate to very briefly provide a biography of him that gives a historical context to his Marxist critiques. Readers should note that for this historical section I almost exclusively borrow and…

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What are the best ways to run/emulate Android on a PC?



ARChon Custom Runtime


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Flight Simulators

One of the greatest functions of any computer is the ability to recreate situations, scenarios, and perform simulations. Since they became aimed at the consumer, aircraft simulator sales have been tremendous.

Today I would like to share some of my personal favourites with you. Whether you are an avid hobbiest or just intrigued, this selection should be of some interest you.

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Will Portland Always Be a Retirement Community for the Young?

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Democracy or Oligarchy?

Speaking at a labor union convention in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders said the future of American democracy is at stake. “We are not living in a democracy when 60 percent of Americans are not voting, while billionaires like the Koch brothers are spending hundreds of millions to buy the United States Senate. That’s called oligarchy, not democracy,” Sanders said.

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V-22 Ospreys Take Flight – Ogden Ut June 2012

Light Memory Experiment Affects Mice Brains Like An MIB Neuralyzer

Remember when Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones used the neuralyzer to erase people’s memories with blue light in Men in Black? Well, we can’t do that yet, but some scientists have done something remarkably similar. On October 9th, UC Davis announced that researchers there have “erased specific memories” within mice using light.
The secret to the technology lies in a fascinating field called optogenetics, and it’s already started to change how we think about the brain.
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Multiple RDP Sessions on a PC –legal or not

Originally posted on LAN-Tech Network Management:

There are many web sites outlining how to reconfigure windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 to allow multiple concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions, basically making a desktop PC a terminal server. On many occasions I have pointed out doing so is a licensing violation, however I confess I have never seen this specifically stated in any ELUA.  I have been privy to discussions with Microsoft where this has been discussed, and Microsoft employees and support site personnel have often posted it is not permitted on various  sites.

Having been asked to verify this I reviewed various EULAs (End User Licensing Agreements) and it seems Microsoft more often explains in detail what is allowed than what us not.  Much like your insurance company doesn’t state in your home owners policy you are not permitted to have bonfires in your basement.  Some ELUAs such the one for Windows 7 mentions; “The single primary…

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