Favorite songs of the week


As well as having a commentary on the playstation store update I decide to have a weekly what-songs-did-I-like-and-get list these song are the songs in my 25 most played smart playstist in itunes. I have added a new feature that I don’t know if I will continue [they are in tables:)]

Alternative rock/Rap/non-folk

Song Artist Album
That Means Everyone (Unreleased) Chance Chance: Eleven Through Fifteen
Full Moon The Black Ghosts The Black Ghosts
Closer’s Not Good Enough Chance Chance: Six Through Ten
Audience Of One Rise Against Appeal To Reason
Decode Paramore Twilight Soundtrack
Stand R.E.M. Green
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles 1967-1970 [Disc 1]
EndWar Ending Credits (This is EndWar) Ubisoft EndWar Soundtrack
I Caught Myself Paramore Twilight Soundtrack
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