Installing RetroPie alongside OSMC

You need to stop Kodi before running emulationstation as the input will be grabbed by kodi otherwise.

Note: Everything you do with this is on your own risk!

On a shell go to the osmc home directory:

cd /home/osmc

Download the script:


Run the script:

chmod +x
sudo ./

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Find the DHCP lease IP address

One option is to boot the Pi whilst connected to a network with a DHCP server (feature of most home network routers) and look at the DHCP lease information to get the IP address. To do this depends upon the specific router in question. On my Belkin Wireless router the option is called the DHCP client list which currently shows 12 entries one of which is obviously the Raspberry Pi. 	raspberrypi 	b8:27:eb:a3:9f:46

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Microsoft’s Broken PC Gaming Promises

This is MS’s various statements on their promise to PC gaming.

So yea go ahead and get your hopes up and get excited. In a year or two when none of what they say comes to fruition…I’ll pretend to act shocked.

Microsoft’s Broken PC Gaming Promises was originally published on Something Different

How to install Microsoft RNDIS driver for Windows 7

Remote Network Driver Interface Specification (RNDIS) is a Microsoft proprietary protocol. Devices using a USB connection for downloading and debugging of OS image from Platform Builder use this driver to emulate a network connection. RNDIS driver is required for this purpose.

RNDIS driver is a part of the Windows 7 operating system, but the OS fails to detect it automatically. The following steps will help the user to install the RNDIS driver.
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Top 5 Furry Friendly MMOs

We go through the top five furry friendly MMOs and look at what makes them so fur friendly.

Oh boy, well. So you’re a furry and you want to play a furry friendly MMO. The stigma that exists on the Internet for you is so thick that you could cut it, figuratively, with a knife. Your inner animal is a mix between a husky, a dragon, and a raccoon and you just really want to be your husragoon self at all times on the Internet.

Well, you’re in luck, because there are plenty of MMOs that are furry friendly. Here are your top five best picks, starting off with number 1.
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