How to Block Advertisements in Skype & Customize the Chat Interface

Blocking Skype Ads

Open up the Control Panel and navigate to Network and Internet > Internet Options. Move to the Security tab, click on Restricted Sites and open the Sites dialog with the button underneath.


Next you’ll need to add two websites to the list of restricted addresses: and Once that’s done, you can save your changes by clicking Apply and close the window with OK.

Remove the Ad Placeholder

Even though you’ve prevented the Skype application from pulling ads from the Internet, you may still find a placeholder section of its interface reserved for the content. To remedy that, you’ll need to dip into the software’s configuration files.

To access the configuration files, navigate to the primary hard drive on your computer in an Explorer window and go to Users > Your Username > AppData> Roaming > Skype. You’ll then need to open the folder that’s titled with your Skype ID and find an XML file called config. Right-click that file and choose to open it with Notepad.

Press Ctrl + F to use the Find function to search for AdvertPlaceholder. You should find a piece of code that reads <AdvertPlaceholder>1</AdvertPlaceholder> — change that 1 to a 0 and you will remove the placeholder from your Skype interface. Save the document and restart Skype for the changes to take effect.

As Microsoft is embracing the Software as a Service model, they are increasingly integrating ads in their free products. Skype is no exception. Even Windows 10 has seen ad-like content.


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