System Shock

SS1 Android

Installation instructions

Install DOSBox Turbo (2.99 €) as well as the accompanying DOSBox Manager (free) which is useful for saving profiles of games

Download the attached archive SSM.7z to your desktop and unpack it there

Move the unpacked folder dos to /storage/sdcard0/Download

Move the remaining 2 files to /storage/sdcard0/Android/data/com.fishstix.dosbox/files/


Start the DOSBox Manager and add a new profile from the menu

Hold this profile and Edit the config

Scroll down and check Overlay Buttons

Set Button Location to Top

Select Button/Controller Maps

Select Add Button Mapping, Press Btn A, Select DOS Keymap: w, Press OK

Select Add Button Mapping again and repeat the process, now mapping Btn B=>s, Btn C=>BACKSPACE, Btn D=>e

Gesture Mapping:  Single Tap => LMB, Double Tap => Double LMB, Two finger action => RMB, Uncheck Enable Long Press

Go back and scroll to the top to DOSBox Settings

Memory size: 16MB

MT-32 Midi Emulation: Check


Code: [Select]

mount c: /storage/sdcard0/Download/dos/ssp



Notes on playing the game

In the game settings choose your name, then set COMBAT: 0-1, CYBER: 0

To get past the initial Help screen, bring up the keyboard and press space

To get to the game options move the cursor to the top left corner and tap

Audio->Audio Options->Channels: 8, Messages: Both

Now save your game, you will need the keyboard again

Btn A and Btn B move you forward and backward. Btn C clears the interface. Btn D switches between looking around and use mode.

You can move and turn if you press Btn A first, before you steer into a direction

You can download French and German language packs from the SYSTEMSHOCK-Portable thread.


 SS1 High-res objects

This graphical update replaces the existing 32*32/64*64 object textures with 256*256 ones. The textures were scaled with hq4x and Scale2x, then manually cleaned up to preserve the blinking lights. Since the textures are not redrawn by hand, they don’t have any more details (shadows, texts, finer lines) than the originals.


  • Much less pixellation/aliasing when looking at objects from an angle
  • Rounder corners
  • Some extra colours to soften up hard transitions

Although there are few 3D objects in System Shock, this mod still complements ToxicFrog’s high-resolution patch well.

Attachments (newest on top): (17.21 kB – downloaded 46 times.)

 hi-res3DSS.rar (142.48 kB – downloaded 601 times.)

LGC System Shock for Apple Macintosh

This is System Shock for Mac, playable in Windows via SheepShaver. As discussed on TTLG.

Attachments (newest on top): LGC_SS1_Mac.7z (274788.75 kB – downloaded 510 times.)

System Shock ICE Breaker book

The legendary System Shock ICE Breaker book as PDF + Annotated Maps and Puzzles

(As guessed at TTLG)

Attachments (newest on top): SS1_ICE_Breaker_PDF.7z (43259.67 kB – downloaded 2226 times.)


LGC SYSTEMSHOCK-Portable v1.2.3


This is version 1.2 of SYSTEMSHOCK-Portable (SSP), based on the CD enhanced version originally released by Looking Glass Technologies (later known as Looking Glass Studios) in 1994. It unpacks to 117MB and can be played from an USB-key or from your local HD. SSP includes the complete original English game of System Shock. German and French addons are available separately.

SSP contains several features not found in the original game: higher resolutions, mouselook, custom key binds, true2audio log texts… But more importantly there’s a chance that it will run on your computer without too much hassle.

SSP runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8 via the included DOSbox emulation. On XP it can also run outside DOSbox emulation via NTVDM.

You might also want to take a look at SHLINK the new System Shock loader that allows the game to run outside any emulation on modern Windows OS. Note that SHLINK is still work in progress.


  1. Download a fresh SYSTEMSHOCK-Portable from this posts’s attachments or torrents.
  2. Extract the archive you downloaded. You will get a folder named “SYSTEMSHOCK-Portable-v1.2”
  3. Open that folder, start SSP.exe
  4. Choose ofor options.
  5. On the Options screen enable Malba Tahan’s mouselook mod by choosing e.
  6. Choose mfor main menu.
  7. In the Main Menu choose bto start the game in dosbox.
  8. Watch the Intro, choose “New Game”, enter your name, click the “Start” button on the screen.
  9. Press Spaceto pass the help screen.
  10. Press Esc, then choose “Video” -> “Video Mode”
  11. Select your preferred resolution, then click the “Return” button on the screen.
  12. Click the fullscreen button in the top left of the game screen.
  13. Press Escagain and save your game.
  14. Play. You can switch between inventory mode and mouselook by pressing e

Check DOSbox keyboard shortcuts for screenshot/video creation, fullscreen-toggle, frameskipping, etc.

Trouble Shooting

  • Any testing should be done on a freshly unpacked version of SSP.
  • On some systems SYSTEMSHOCK-Portable needs to be run from an Administrator Account.
  • If you’re looking to improve the music sound, read: System Shock using BASSMIDI
  • Movies are not rescaled in higher resolutions, so they still play at 640×480 in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • The movies have sometimes horizontal streaks (corruption) – if you’re seeing them for the first time you might want to watch the movies using 640×480.
  • There’s some intermittent but serious chop in 1024×768; I think this is a memory page-flipping issue, but I’m not sure. If it’s too slow to be playable try the 800×600 version
  • If you want to make changes to the DGVESA-settings (only on WinXP), make sure “Platform: DOS” is checked before you do.  A “VESA” tab will appear where you should set the refresh frequency to 60Hz for LCD displays or 70Hz for CRTs.
  • If your mouse gets locked in parts of the screen so that you can’t reach the rest of the screen, use DGVESA mode or DOSbox (not Mouse2KV).
  • If your character spins uncontrollably after some playing, push the direction your character is moving once or twice and the movement will stop. Note that there are several control sets for movement: Mouse, arrowkeys, numpad, ASDZXC and RFVTGB. So if for instance you’re spinning to the right, try the mouse, right arrow, 6 on the numpad and D.
  • In higher resolutions in Mouse2KV mode the cursor moves extremely fast on the fullscreen map. Move your mouse to the upper left and then slowly down right. To place a note on the map it might be easier to move the map via the arrow keys than to move the cursor.

Post problems in the System Shock Helpdesk forum.


Read the Looking Glass Classics Disclaimer.

Attachments (newest on top): LGC_SSP_GermanLanguagePack_101.7z (56119.03 kB – downloaded 4084 times.)

 LGC_SSP_FrenchLanguagePack_101.7z (56278.26 kB – downloaded 1346 times.)

 SYSTEMSHOCK-Portable-v1.2.3.7z (69893.25 kB – downloaded 52220 times.)



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