Lifeline Android/iOS

Who are you texting with?” a friend asked as I kept checking my phone at dinner. “An astronaut stranded on the moon,” I answered. It was kind of true.

That’s the idea behind Lifeline, a mobile game that makes you the sole point of contact for the survivor of a spaceship crash. The first time you hear from Taylor, a frightened young student who just emerged from an escape pod in an alien desert, the situation is dire. There’s no food, no water, no way off the surface, and only one person in range to talk to: you. Continue reading


Dark of the Sun/ “The Mercenaries” (1968)

Rod Taylor plays Capt. Bruce Curry, a hard-boiled mercenary leader in this raw, gritty action flick directed by Jack Cardiff.


The film, which depicts the blood-soaked war in the Congo in the 1960’s, maintains a steamy, edgy feel throughout while exploring the morality and motivations of the mercenaries. Continue reading