The Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) is an application of the Atom Syndication Format intended to enable content creators and distributors to distribute digital books via a simple catalog format. This format is designed to work interchangeably across multiple desktop and device software programs.

eBook Reading Software Supporting OPDS

AlReader any text book reader Android
Moon+ Reader Pro ebook reader Android
Document Viewer PDF, epub, FB2, CBZ Android
IDEAL Group Reader  ePub reader Android
Aldiko EPUB reader and OPDS client Android/ iOS
Mantano Reader EPUB and PDF reader Android/iOS
FBReader network access All devices

OPDS Catalog Generation

calibre automatically generates OPDS and HTML catalogs for its own book library on Windows and Mac.
calibre2opds  generates OPDS and HTML catalogs from the ebooks database of Calibre.
COPS generates OPDS and HTML catalogs on your server, from your Calibre library. Needs PHP and file access to the Calibre library.
Lucicat generates OPDS and HTML catalogs on your server. Needs PHP/MySQL to run. As of mid-2012, the author has removed it from his website and it is unavailable, but here is a mirror
OPDS catalog is an app for the Owncloud personal cloud server, enabling users to publish a sub-tree of their personal filesystem as an OPDS feed
OPDSGen a simple PHP/JavaScript user interface that generates OPDS and HTML catalogs from files that have been copied onto a website.
Simple OPDS Simple OPDS server for Linux platform written on python3
TinyOPDS lightweight and simple OPDS server for the home use, needs Windows OS plus .NET 4.0 (client profile) or Linux OS plus Project Mono
Ubooquity is an ebooks/comics server which allows access to your collection through web pages or OPDS feeds. Needs Java.
OPDS Catalog Validator http://opds-validator.appspot.com


mobileread http://wiki.mobileread.com/wiki/OPDS#OPDS_Catalog_Generation