One Adult Ticket









Theanonymouseloser: How to stop procrastinating… bookmarked for later

Mr0z23: Hello sir, I’d like to purchase one adulthood please.

CommanderFussyBritches: Hello sir, I’d like to return my adulthood please.

QuinnMccarthy: Will that be cash of credit?

HowDoYouSuckAFuck: 22. Have $16 dollars to my name until Thursday. I’d like to cancel my subscription to Being and Adult, please…

AngelByDay: Would you like kids with that?

HowFirmThyFriendship: Absolutely! That will cost you…the rest of your life. Would you like a receipt?

YourGod: Mine came without a beard 🙁

ThePotatoBandit: If i return my adulthood, do i get my childhood back? because that was a bullshit trade that screwed me over

Pumpkinbot : Alright, sir, your total comes to one childhood.

4scoreand7beersago: With a side of large fries.

SerWolfe: Hello. My name is An Adult. I’d be pleased to help. Please put all your dreams and wishes in this bag…Thanks. *destroys bag*

TheSanguineOne:That’ll be one round of obscene pictures, thank you! <Immature giggles in background muffled by handkerchief>

Controversialopinion: Here are the keys to your new Toyota and a complimentary file cabinet.

Sinvisigoth: That will be $9.95 plus half your soul and 63% of your innocence and hope.

Yuri909 I am so freaking disappointed in imgur that this didn’t turn into Monty Python Norwegian Blue skit.

GuyPurson: Why you no doctor yet!?

AppleJackDoesNotTasteLikeApples: Would you like to combo that or go forever alone?

stgenerations: Sorry kid. We ran out of those in the 1980s but we have plenty of faux adulthood in the back.

Zephronias: Can I buy the childhood you’re replacing if you don’t want it anymore?

borderlandsman: Look at the stuff that’s more relevant than algebra

RushmoreBeekeepingSociety: Youre in luck, theyre buy one get one free


WorthyKruppe: Excellent sir that’ll cost you all your hopes, dreams, and any extra cash you ever had

One Adult Ticket was originally published on Something Different