Bookerly Font on Kindle Keyboards (and other older Kindles)

I really like the new Bookerly font, but I have an older Kindle. Here’s how I got it on my Kindle Keyboard, but the instructions should work for other models as well.

  1. Download the Bookerly font here and unzip the files.
  2. Rename the file “Bookerly-RegularItalic.ttf” to “Bookerly-Italic.ttf”.
  3. Exit out of whatever book you’re reading and go to the main menu (this is important for some reason). Connect the Kindle to your computer.
  4. Create a folder in the Kindle root directory called “fonts” and put the font files there.
  5. Follow these instructions on how to change the fonts on your particular Kindle model.
  6. Open a book. If you have a Kindle Keyboard, you’ll notice that the font has changed to sans-serif. When you press the “Aa” button, under “Typeface” you’ll see “std,” “sans,” “mono,” and “alt.” Choose “alt”.
  7. Happy reading.

*Edit: I just discovered that if you ever hit the “Aa” key sometime down the road and choose one of the factory installed fonts, it will reset all of the custom settings and you’ll have to start all over again, so don’t do that.

Bookerly Font on Kindle Keyboards (and other older Kindles) was originally published on Something Different