Rogue Trooper Widescreen resolution

(Using a Hex Editor) Windows 10 Anniversary Update here. Compatibility wouldn’t work for me – game wouldn’t find Steam, so wouldn’t start. Can confirm that editing the hex in save0.rtp worked fine. For 1920 by 1080 (1080p) the values are 8007h at offset 17C and 3804h at offset 180 (1920 is 780h, 1080 is 438h but the file is “Little-Endian” – most significant byte is last, meaning you form the hex value for the decimal number you want, then reverse the order of the pairs: 1920 -> 780h -> 0780 -> 80 07, 1080 -> 438h -> 0438 -> 38 04)



American Theater (World War II)

America was bombed 1,000 times during World War II

Among the lesser known weapons used in World War II were airborne bombs, that drifted across the ocean like flying jellyfish. They were known as fugo, or fire balloons, and they were the only successful attack on the mainland United States. Continue reading