Ma’iitsoh Studios

Completed Projects


A simple picture posting reddit iphone app. A Computer Science University Project at Weber State University for an ios/iphone development class. It uses the reddit api for logging into an account to upload a photo to imgur and posting it to a user defined subredit. It also finds all the images on a subreddit and displays them in a list where the user can click ont one of the items in the list and it will display the image

Anime Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker

A program created in Visual Studio that using C#, .net, and Windows Presentation Foundation that creates custom cards for the television show and card game Yu-Gi-Oh. There are three type of cards Monsters, Spell, and trap cards. Each have their own icons describing essential information for the card game such as Attack/Defense. This program allow you to create an accurate custom Yu-Gi-Oh card.

In Progress

Fallen Star

Gamemaker University Group Project,Converting School Project from GameMaker 8 to Unity3D

Avatar Sim

Long overdue project to create a chose your own adventure based on JC’s Avatar

Drug Trade Simulator

Inspired by both a Steam Early Access game (the arms trading part) and the FBI’s case against Dread Pirate Roberts or Ross Ulbricht. Planning and persistent multiplayer version of this game. But for now it will be a single player experience. This is in the very early planing stages.

D&D Map

Maps are created and NPCs are placed using an editor. It is not meant to replace die rolling or the rule book. . There’s something about flipping through rule books and rolling dice that is important to the experience. Android phones or tablets will connect through Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. Each player will be able to move their respective player.

Ma’iitsoh Studios was originally published on Something Different

Ma’iitsoh Studios was originally published on Something Different