Alpha Protocol Hex Editing Money

Or take a hex editor to your saved games. Your saved games are in ‘My Documents\Alpha Protocol\Checkpoints’, where ‘default.sav’ is your last checkpoint save and ‘safehouse.sav’ your last safehouse save. BACK THEM UP BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. You could note down how much cash you have in game, convert it to hex values and search for it in the saved game… but you can also simply search for text string ‘Money’ to find the location. In the left column, where the letter-number pairs are, find the spot that corresponds to ‘y’ in ‘Money’ in right column. Note the two groups of 00’s after that? Your cash is in the 2 or 3 bytes padded with those zeros. Replace whatever the cash numbers are with FF’s.

Akiba’s Trip Route/Endings Guide

Getting the character routes aren’t really that hard, you just need to say certain things like any normal VN to get onto that route. There will be spoilers here so read at your own risk!

To use this guide properly, pick one character you like and answer exactly what I have put here in order to get her ending, though you must make sure that you don’t answer things the other girls like. Rin and Shion are easy to mess up so if you aren’t careful it might push you onto Shizuku or Tohko’s route if you answer them too much.
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Encapsulation C++

A common question among newer Object-Oriented Programmers is “Why should I use and prefer to use getter and setter methods for my objects variables when I can simply set them as public?” For example, let’s consider the trivial object below: Continue reading

Revisiting Alpha Protocol, Obsidian’s flawed but fascinating spy RPG

Alpha Protocol is peak Obsidian—or, at least, peak Obsidian before Pillars of Eternity set a new, more stable direction for the studio. It’s a wonderful mess, full of great ideas, but hampered by the sort of behind-the-scenes development troubles that plagued the studio for so much of its life. It was delayed multiple times, spent the early part of its production cycle with no project director or lead designer, faced numerous production issues, and, due to differences in opinion between Sega and Obsidian, had time consuming, pricey scenes cut. Continue reading