Socialist books


  • Communism: A Very Short Introduction by Leslie Holmes
  • Socialism: A Very Short Introduction by Michael Newman
  • Marx: A Very Short Introduction by Peter Singer
  • Engels: A Very Short Introduction by Terrell Harver
  • Introducing Marx Trotsky by Rius
  • Introducing by Tariq Ali and Phil Evans
  • Marx: A Beginners Guide by Gill Hands
  • Marx: A Beginners Guide by Andrew Collier
  • A Rebel’s Guide to Trotsky by Esme Choonara
  • Marx a Guide for the Perplexed by John Seed
  • How to read Marx by Peter Osborne
  • Introduction to Marxism by Ernest Mandel


  • Communist Manifesto- Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels
  • Socialism: Utopian and Scientific- Friedrich Engels
  • Principles of Communism – Friedrich Engels
  • ABC of Socialism- Leo Huberman
  • Main Currents of Marxism by Leszek Kolakowski
  • Paul Blackledge, Reflections on the Marxist Theory of History, (Manchester University Press, 2006)
  • Matt Perry, Marxism and History, (Palgrave, 2002)
  • Alex Callinicos, Against Postmodernism, (Polity Press, 1989)
  • Willie Thompson, What Happened to History?, (Pluto Press, 2000)


  • The Civil War in France – Karl Marx
  • Ten Days that Shook the World – John Reed
  • The Revolution Betrayed – Leon Trotsky
  • The Russian Revolution- Rosa Luxemburg
  • The Communist Left in Germany 1918-21 by Gilles Dauvé and Denis Authier
  • The Russian Civil War – Evan Mawdsley
  • A People’s History of the World – Chris Harman
  • Mao and Lincoln – Henry C K Liu
  • Coercion and Dissent in Romania, 1965-1989